Giant Palace Not Paying!


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Oct 1, 2005
Giant Palace is not paying players. They first claim that the software that counts wagers is not working, which they've claimed for weeks and now they are not returning emails.

Just a word of warning.
Keep us advised

A number of people are interested in this because of its ownership record and the fact that it is powered by a new and as yet unproved software called Player Preferred (you won't find much detail on that url btw!!)

There's another thread here titled Hype Gaming which refers to this casino and the PP software too, and you may therefore find that of interest.

I've contacted Giant Palace and PP for a comment on your post. Please keep this thread updated on your issue.
I also sent off an email to one of the financial people over at Giant Palace. Hopefully this will get sorted out. I certainly hope they are not becoming a dead-beat casino :(
Here's your response rmarrandino:


I have had a look at the players withdrawal and it would seem that the Withdrawal was made on the Friday. Our accounts team
received the request on Monday, however an ID request from the player was not placed till today (Tuesday). Unfortunately as accounts do not process cash out requests over the weekends there is sometimes a small backlog over the weekends.

For this reason the player was not sent an request for ID over the weekend or Monday. However once we do have the required
identification from the player we shall promptly make payment.

As for the comments about counting wagers, the system does indeed work, however it is not accessible 24 hours a day as it is not yet on the production system. The reason behind this is simply waiting for new systems to be put in place, which we are actually working through this week.

Also we have checked the emails and it appears that all emails have been responded too. We recommend to all our players that if they do have any problems, that it is actually best that they contact management. All emails that come in for management are forwarded immediately to us, and we are sure to action it immediately.

Going via forums unfortunately is probably the slowest avenue for response and nor can we discuss in detail with any other party the players account. The small amount of information I have provided is about the extent at which I can discuss it.

You may want to add me to your MSN if you use it, you can reach me on I usually available 24 hours a day if you have any enquires or wish to bring anything to my attention.

Kind Regards,

John Cislowski


Unfortunate, however shady outfits tend to do nothing UNTIL an issue hits the forum. Although cash-ins do not happen over the weekend, surely CS should be able to ask for the ID to be processed on the Monday. If a player is not told about a request for ID, they will likely assume the worst when a withdrawal exceeds the normal timeframe.
There really is no good excuse for having no withdrawals to eWallets at the weekend as these are 24/7 operations. I can understand why there would be no advantage to actioning a bank wire or card refund on a Saturday as opposed to the following Monday.
In a B&M casino, you never find the games running, but get told you can only exchange chips back for cash on Monday morning.
In this case, 4 days passed before the process of validating and paying out even started. With ID issues, the player may have to wait a couple of days more, and may have planned to use another casino with the funds.
i received the nd sign up offer and noticed that in the pirate princess game bonus round it didn't credit a win of 25 bucks, i contacted live support and in the same day they credited me a free 50 bucks with no play thru, cashed out 300 on that and had it the next day....
Guys, thanks for jumping in on this.

My problem is that I requested WR playthrough almost everyday for almost 2 weeks. I did not want the casino to say that I didn't meet the WR and they were going to remove my winnings, since we all know that has happened before.

Their response, the times I did I received a response, was always that the software wasn't working and that they would let me know. They never let me know.

So, since my records showed that I met the WR I initiated a withdrawal. I received no response. I sent emails asking for updates and received the generic we are verifying your account and we will let you know - which again, they didn't.

I wondered why I suddenly received responses to every one of my emails even though they were old messages - one even went back to November 21st. Now that I've read your responses it all makes sense.

I did send in my verification after I received their email and am awaiting payment.

I will keep you updated, if and when I receive payment.

Once again, thanks for all of your assistance.
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One more thing....the casino stated above:

We recommend to all our players that if they do have any problems, that it is actually best that they contact management. All emails that come in for management are forwarded immediately to us, and we are sure to action it immediately.

Well, I sent emails to every email address I could find on their website, so they either need to post the proper email addresses or have someone actually read and forward them.
Glad you got this taken care of! Hopefully the next time it won't take so damn long.

I think casinos should start realizing that this only makes them look really bad.

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