Getting Lucky on Last Spin!


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I deposited £50, played one of my favourite slots (good old Gonzo!) and proceeding along playing £1 a spin. I got the impression the feature was coming up, so stuck with the game. A few pennies over £10 left and my pug dog jumps up, nudging my arm and accidentally clicked the 'max bet' which spun it at £5. No win. Sod it I thought, a fraction over £5 left so spun it again at £5 to use up the balance and hey presto, 3 diagonal gold symbols (so 2 win lines at 10 free spins = 20 spins) to enter the feature. Happy days! Not the most amount of coins won, but still returned over £250 winnings. Thank you very much! £200 withdrawn and played with the balance.

Anyone else get lucky on their last spin/roll of the dice?

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Had a few 'life saving' last spins and gradually built back up balance from last pennies over the years but nothing 'huge' that I can recall.

Did however open the old LOTR slot when it was still about and set the auto spin going without remembering to change bet size.

Screamed out 'shit just done a £6 spin only got £14 left' horror soon turned to elation as very first spin returned £460ish :) from 'bust' to 'cash out' in one click :p


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so what you are saying is that your pug saved the day! what a good dog :thumbsup:
Just a tad! Makes you wonder though, putting the max bet button next to the normal play button with just mm's between them!

Even happier news though, in a moment of weakness this morning/very late last night, I cancelled the £200 withdrawal to carry on playing and ended up banking/withdrawing £1000, per this win: (off shopping now and will buy my pugs some treats!)



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Fanstastic congrats! and yes i have hit max bet by accident before now on the netent games. Enjoy your win :thumbsup: