Getting jerked around by Las Vegas USA


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Mar 6, 2008
Their stated policy on withdrawals is, payment after 2 weeks from date requested. What they have been doing lately has been to take individual withdrawls at 2 weeks old or older and making a new withdrawal for the combined total of the older withdrawals. Then when you ask them when you will get paid they tell you that you just requested the withdrawal and have to wait for 2 weeks from the date of the withdrawal they just created from older withdrawals. They did this on 4/10/08 from withdrawals all made in March 2008.

Read the Meister's writeup on Las Vegas USA
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I've alerted mainstaffiliate, the Las Vegas USA representative, to this. Hopefully we'll hear back from them soon.
Hi spandau,

As the affiliate manager, I will try and help you. I will PM you for your PlayerID and take it from there.


Are you the Jason that use to work at ClubWorld? I use to love dealing with you and Michael. If you are, Ill be happy to resign with whatever casino you are at

PS..If this is indeed "the" Jason, you will be taken care of
Hi Babs,

Not the same Jason, sorry.

Can I still be taken care of? :)


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