Getting Involved with Rating the Casinos at CM


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This is something you can do as a Meister Minion.

Here is an example of two casinos which have comments from our members - specifically the Meister Minions.

Check out the user rating on the right, and click the link or scroll down to User Testimonials

VideoSlots Review

Casumo Casino Review

If you want your comments to show up there, join the Meister Minions and get busy. All you have to do is join via your user profile "Joinable User Groups" - this is open to Full Members and above (90 days minimum activity +50 posts).

This empowers you the player, and makes for a better informed public.

If you qualify, I hope to see you there. :thumbsup:


Forum Cheermeister
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Also, notice the "Forum Threads" at the bottom of the reviews? These are "tagged" threads, and this is something the Meister Minions can do with any thread in the forum (except private threads).

For instance tag a thread "casumo review" and it will show in the "Forum Threads" section of the review. This is applicable for any review - Accred, Grey Zone, or Rogue. You see a complaint review on xyzcasino - tag the thread "xyzcasino review" and it should show up on the casino's review page. This is what the Meister Minions can do :D
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In the Casumo review, under cons, you have written: Bank wires and payments to Visa make take a few days

I'm sorry I can't help myself. Be gentle :(