Get lucky casino is it a con


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As anybody had trouble with withdrawing money they have won from get lucky casino I got a five pound bonus and won over a thousand pounds I know you have to bet 35 times the bonus before you can withdraw any money witch I did I was left with £535 pounds they said I had to send documents in before I could withdraw any money witch I did but still had no money if anybody had the same problem I would love to hear from you

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Never played there but its UK licenced

Checked and what I do see tho is max cashout from free £5 bonus is £100 and if you have never deposited you need to deposit a minimum £10 before withdrawing.

You dont say how long you have been waiting for your withdrawal.


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Thank you for your reply I've been waiting for going on for two weeks now and sent in ID documents I've never had to send documents in to any casino before I just think they should treat their customers like this its very frustrating.


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How long does it take to withdraw my funds?

How long should I wait for my withdrawal to be processed at Get Lucky?

Our payments team work hard to process your withdrawals within 24hrs.

Often it's even quicker than that!

On the desktop version of Get Lucky, while a withdrawal is in the queue you will see it in your account as "In Progress". It is possible to reverse a withdrawal before it has been sent.

Remember that we are required to verify the accounts of all our players and we will hence ask you to submit documents before you can withdraw. Click here to see what documents to submit for a speedy withdrawal.

Upload documents via Desktop here

Yep, it would appear a problem as described above.