German state Schleswig Holstein to grant new online gaming licenses


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Jun 29, 2012
The German State of Schleswig Holstein will issue between four and six new online gaing licenses, that will join the four licenses issues before the change of government. The current law in this state allows the issuance of illimited licenses for all the products (including online poker), on the basis of a tax on gross benefits of 20%.

The Ministry of Interior of Schleswig Holstein, Andreas Breitner, belongs to Social Democratic Party (SPD) and reached the government after a coalition with Green Party and the party with Danish minority, SSW. Among its electoral promises it included the conclusion of the policies in favor of online gaming, carried out by the previous government: the coalition of CDU and FDP. He promised to annul the current gaming law of his state and attach to the G15 Gaming Treaty.

However, he acknowledges that until the Parliament meets again in August, the granting of more licenses cannot be avoided. Besides, he considers it is not probable that they try to rescind the licenses already granted because they would be exposed to a lawsuit for damages by the operators. He did not want to clear up if the new licenses granted are for betting centers, as it is now, or if there is any online poker license among them.

Last week, it was announced that Germany banned online poker, but it does not affect Schleswig Holstein state, but the other 15 German states that did sign the online gaming treaty. Those 15 states are known as G15, and the treaty came into force July 1st.

In the case of Schleswig Holstein, it contrasts with the treaty ratified last week by G15, which planned the issuance of a máximum of 20 licenses just for online sportsbooks for prívate operators on the basis of a 5% tax on sales.

at least one German state still allows gambling...