George from Affiliate Builders


Oct 10, 2019
Hi everyone, my name is George. I've been in iGaming Affiliates industry for more than 7 years. Finally I decided to register here and become an active member. Some BIO which our marketing team wrote about me.
Since 2013, George has delivered best practice and growth in the iGaming affiliate industry. He has been heading sales division at, which later on transformed into one of Affiliate.Builders partners. After transformation, George put a new hat on as Business Development Executive at Affiliate.Builders and started working with partners and iGaming affiliates, to improve conversions and to raise standards in the industry, provide high level affiliate platforms and better protect end consumers. His main mission is to raise brand awareness and introduce Affiliate.Builders and its operations to the industry. Today AB has more than 10 customers and the list is rapidly increasing simultaneously not affecting the quality of delivered products.
Please write me any questions that you are curious about - what is my role in AB, what is AB doing, how did I move to B2B and so one.

Hope I'll be an active member of your forum :)

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