Genting Casino removed £50 from my account, can't even speak to an agent.

Mr Shine

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Oct 30, 2012
Is there someone on here who represents Genting? After my balance got to £0 I played 4 rounds of Gold Bar roulette with my gold bars winning £17.60 on 3 of them (£52.80), but then my balance was put back down to 0 with no explanation. I've tried chat and email but I can't even get a basic response, let alone an actual discussion.
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Is there someone on here who represents Genting? ...
IIRC the Genting rep left the scene a few years ago. There were a number of player complaints but the casino wasn't much interested in hearing about them so they ended up with a pretty tepid review here at CM. I think that was roughly when the rep took a walk.

- Max

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