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Nov 15, 2003
I actually need to TALK to someone at Geisha Lounge... their instant chat never works, and their emails are not replied too.... does anyone actually have a telephone number that you KNOW works?


They changed from Cytech, to RTG?

I know you want a number that someone KNOWS work, and I just tried calling these, busy tone is what I got, but you might try them::

24 hr. toll-free phone support, email support
US: 1-877-428-9568
Canada: 1-877-608-8888
UK: 0-800-634-4435
Japan: 00-531-780-005
i have f***ed up reading the terms and conditions.. I thought I had to wager 15 times d+b however I do, but on slots alone!!

SO if anyone has played at G/L and knows which slot games have the least odds in favour of the house, i'd be most obliged if you'd tell me!



If they are RTG, then try the new super diamond mine deluxe or whatever it is. I made a nice profit on that one when I tried it. Played nickels at max bet. FYI, its the one with the bonus round troll, since I think they have 3 different diamond themed games.
Im quite confident that Geisha Lounge and their partner casino Grand Aces are quite stable financially. They have been around for a long time before they changed to RTG from Aqua software and have always maintained a decent reputation. I have played at Geisha recently cashed out and was paid to neteller in 4 days.
JAMESC- I Feel Your pain! As a person who very seldom plays slots (Mostly just Video Poker & BJ)
I have had the same thing happen in the past. Pisses me off to no end. I hope you end up hitting a huge jackpot, not losing everything to the slots like I have had happen in the past. Let us know how you do!Good luck.
I just received a new offer from these guys but it does not specify banned games. Are all Geisha Lounge offers slots only these days? I hate it when a casino doesn't put the full terms for the promo on the e-mail itself or at least a link.

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