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Nov 18, 2004
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Hello. All. This is the Chat log I exchanged with the operator. Don't you people think their withdrawal time is really strange??


info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Marlon'

Marlon: Welcome to our online chat service how may i be of assistance

*******: Hello. My withdrawal request was approved by Geisha early Friday morning but I haven't seen my money yet. Can you tell me when I can receive it?

Marlon: kindly hold while i have a look into this matter for you.

*******: Yes please.

Marlon: Thanks for holding for me could you specify the amount of the cash-in

*******: 983$

*******: By the way, I am planning to use the money at King Solomon immediately.

Marlon: Kindly be advised that that payment has been schedule for the 19 of aug and will be processed on monday for the reason that the accounts department only works on business days and it will take 4-6 working days to reflect in your neteller account

*******: So on Monday probably I will receive it, do you mean it???

Marlon: please be advised that the payment will be processed on monday and you will receive it after 4-6 working days

univers0: Okay bye.

Marlon: bye

info: Chat session has been terminated by the site operator


Now this Marlon guy told me the money will be "processed" on Monday
but my money needs to travel somewhere in India or Africa before
coming back to my account for about a week. I miss my money so dearly
but the poor money has to go "somewhere in a deep pocket even after
the "procession". Hmmm.... :oops: :what:

Please do something, Geisha, improve!
sad but true

This is a normal procedure for them. Takes atleast a week to recieve the funds even though in cashier it says approved..

What makes it so sad is that they state in their website:
Neteller: You may request a withdrawal of your funds via Neteller. There is no fee associated with a Neteller withdrawal. They are normally approved within 48 hours and are immediately transferred to your account.

The 48 hours part is not true. Its always that 4-5 working days after the approved part. So they are basically lying about this in their website.
I have asked them several times to update this on their website. No luck yet. Maybe casinomeister could check on this.

I have had several cashins at ks, geisha, grandaces, and it always takes this long.

Neteller Payment Times

Hello Guys

This is an issue that we are looking at right now and i will have an improved level of service for you in very short order.Give me a week or two and i am sure that i will have an improved situation regarding neteller payments for all of our clients .

Best Regards

Good to hear that. I have made several complaints about your banking page by email and your support said they were forwarded to management, but nothing has changed for about a year.. Hopefully now things will change.


I hear you guys and this is something that has caused a major uproar in our office and rightly so.

With us it has always been the player first.We have been around for a very long time and plan to be around for longer yet,we are in this for the long haul.

We do realize there is an issue with the site and Casino rep knowledge this will be resolved in due course.

I promise it will get better very very soon,and as the post above pointed out ,we might be a lkittle bit slow but you will always get your money with us.

Best Regards
Personally I like to play in king solomon group casinoS.But right,their cashier are too slow..They send payments average in 4 days.They must be faster.Because they are one of the best RTG casinos.
I received my payment on direct freight on Monday. Thanks you, Greg.
However, I think personally as someone told already, if the web site
page says "the money will be transferred to our account instantly
as the money is "processed"". then there may be some uproar in player's
mind should the online help says in contradiction we need to wait
more. So may be it is your web page's problem, not the cashout method
basically. But, of course, it is strong people's request in my observation
that more players will be feeling more satisfied if you choose to cash out
their money faster.
I agree

I personally agree with all of you and can tell you that the feedback that you rprovide me with will be viewed by the management of the partner Casinos.

I wouldlike to reiterate the fact though that although they are a bit delayed in paying ,you always do get your money.

I have emphasised though that this needs to improve ,so this is hammer time and i will be hammering away at my partners to ensure that they receive the message.

Have a great day guys.

Best Regards

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