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May 6, 2002
ANOTHER lousy casino just locked my account, because I tried to cash-out my 2000% profit.

Geisha Lounge was very happy to register an account for me about 3 months ago, but now I go to cash out my profits, what do they do? LOCK it of course!!!

Reason given? They don't allow players from my country.

Nice one, hey?
I checked their terms and conditions, and this is what it states:

Geisha Lounge Casino reserves the right to close Real accounts registered from certain countries. This policy was introduced after high volume credit card fraud originated in these countries. Winnings from these accounts will not be paid out more than the amount of the purchases made on the account. We apologize to the customers from the countries detailed below for the inconvenience caused.
The countries are: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Indonesia, Jiangsu, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Republic Of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yugoslavia

****end of T&C

There is nothing about South Africa here. I'll check with the casino to see if they have anything to add here.

I've been in contact with the casino:

[color=0000ff]Thank you for your information.
We will deal with the matter accordingly.


So let's see what's up with that. My questions:

Why isn't this stated in their T&C?
For players who are unknowingly banned, would they get their deposits back if they lost?

These are two questions I posed to them.}

Long ago I was banned from English harbor casino for these geographical reasons. Before the ban I deposited and lost a half of my deposit. The other half was in my casino account on the moment of the ban. Even before that I received a vote bonus, played it and cashed out my winnings via check.

So, the casino applied its new no-my-country policy in such way. I got my check for the vote-bonus play wins and the refund of my entire deposit.
How can they lock out South Africa? Their software supplier is in South Africa.
So's the owner, last time I heard! Unless he has sold GL or is trying to get into the SA regulated land business and is worried about the impact an internet operation might have on that.
Since my initial contact with Geisha Lounge, they've updated their T&Cs to indicate South Africa. I think there are some legal restrictions when a casino resides in a jurisdiction and taking on players for that same jurisdiction. This is why CCC can't accept players from Australia. CCC also can't accept players from their liscensing jurisdiction Dominican Republic). Perhaps this could be a funkified Microgaming rule as well. Nevertheless, all casinos should have some sort of safe-guard against allowing players who are "barred" to play. Seems pretty simple, ja?

Well, I find that very interesting. I didn't know that Geisha was involved in South Africa - first I've heard of it.

Anyway, let them take my winnings and choke on them!!!

Thanks to everybody for your input, and thanks Bryan for investigating it for me.


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