Gave up on Mecca/Grosvenor


Ueber Meister
Mar 19, 2008
Finally quit them both,they put a loss limit across both casinos ,blocked deposits at Grosvenor without any reason then ignored emails asking them why.
Final straw was downgrading my Mecca VIP to the lowest level which basically gives fuck all.
Self excluded in the end, preferred not to but i couldnt be arsed to phone them up to close the accounts.
I checked my net losses at Mecca before quitting and I am 5k down over 3 years,which I reckon is around
£35 a week, I spend more than that on fish and dog food.
So just got my Mr Q account left,they give me no hassle at all, no promos but good rtp,s
If they start getting snotty about SOW,which i dont think they will , its definately goodbye to online slotting,been
doing it for around 23 years, maybe its time anyway.

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