gateway 504 error


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Dec 1, 2012
Was playing Donuts last night and got a few bonus rounds some poor one ok and a very decent one. On the very decent one it the multiplier got up to 31 and it actually retriggered taking it to 34 and was paying very well and then it happened . On the final spin it was like in a loop just kept on spinning until the game crashed and the 504 error came up.
Now everytime previous its just a case of logging back in and the bonus carries on where it left off but not this time. It was as if i had never triggered the free spins. So went to my logs and it wasnt showing there either contacted live chat who were not much help so contacted the rep here and i am awaiting a response.
Now i am pretty sure i have read this a few times on here but i am not aware of the outcomes. Can anyone remember them similar cases and the outcome? Oh and by the way it had reached 790x with the final spin still to go only small stake but still a good hit. Thanks Just to add i stopped playing when it crashed