Feedback Gamomat is going PC. What they do vs How they promote it.


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May 10, 2021
'Gaming for the Climate' is the new initiative from Gamomat. I had to look further into this, as it raised my eyebrows reading the statement from Dietmar Hermjohannes, Founder of GAMOMAT:

"The climate crisis is today’s biggest threat to our future and everything must be done to turn the tide. We at GAMOMAT are not only thinking about the future of gaming. We are also thinking about the future of our environment and this was always important to me. That is why we have launched the ‘Gaming for the Climate’ initiative. Book of Oasis is the perfect game to introduce this initiative and we cannot wait to see the impact of this project and how players will also adore this game."

GAMOMAT’s ‘Gaming for the Climate’ initiative where a portion of GAMOMAT-revenues generated from the title will help turn the tide of climate degradation. GAMOMAT has teamed up with
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Seas, and will target abandoned ghost nets, plastic removal, collaborative projects with fishermen and delivering educational school programmes across the world.

My observations:
1- The HealthySeas program is very much needed and I appreciate Gamomate supporting it financially.
2- Cleaning rubbish and plastic from our oceans has nothing to do with a 'climate crisis'. Whatsoever.

My Conclusion:
- Get your shit together Gamomat.


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Aug 29, 2012
Can't beat a bit of ethical slotting, can you?

Great bandwagon to jump onto I guess, can't fault them for that. Previous generations pretty much had their thumbs up their derrieres in regards to this, in fact were it not for Gamomat reminding me that the clock is at ten seconds to midnight with their climate alarmism, I may never have known!

Gone are the beef burgers, gone are the hallway lights being left on selfishly. I will henceforth be ingesting grass smoothies whilst playing Lava Lions.

Thankyou, Gamomat!!!


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Jul 25, 2014
TBF there's a world of difference between bleating about "global warming" and wanting modern conveniences like heat and transport restricted... vs cleaning up all the plastic that's been dumped in the ocean.

Gamomat seem to be going for the latter, so bravo. Next up: Book of Potency (donations to Panda welfare).

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