Gammonempire announces the launch of their new site.


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Jan 26, 2004
Gammonempire ( is proud to announce the launch oftheir online backgammon software.

"GammonEmpire is all about bringing the Backgammon enthusiasm and excitement to people worldwide, enabling professional and amateur players to play
against each other in a geographically boundless environment. Our passion for the game is reflected in the software, game-play and customer care: we try to make them as realistic as possible to maximize the gaming
experience - In other words, make it more FUN.

Through GammonEmpire, you can learn more about the game, improve your backgammon skills, meet new people and last but not least: Make a lot of money by beating other people in your favorite game! "

And best of all you can play for free!

Jerry Luijk

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