Gaming with 20 EUR


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May 26, 2006
What is your strategie for playing with 20 EUR?
No Bonus , no bankroll

Casino is 32red. My one of the best migrogaming casino of my computer.

10 Rounds Blackjack for 2 EUR or 20 Rounds Roulette for 1 EUR or only slots
10 Rounds Thunderhawk, 10 Rounds Moonshine or what ever?
10 Rounds Poker jacks or better or another pokergame?

At the End i will more have as only 20 EUR

LG tiger2006
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What is your goal? Do you want a lot of playing time, or the best chance at a big quick score, or something else?
I'd be playing the slots.

Like Thunderstruck, Ladies night & Spring Break.

Play .27 a spin and allow say take it down to $15, I find Spring Break usually gives me free spins so I'd got with that option. If you get them & depending if your crack a good round, then decide what to do.
Thanks for the tip.

Springbreak is good, here is very hot and the girls on spring break very nice.

First one Round BJ, by winning this round again, by lost 1 round Roulette and after this only slots.
Maybe i have luck with these method.

Is is right not playing the progressive slots, the normaly slots without jackpot gives more little wins in some rounds?

LG tiger2006

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