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Jan 5, 2004
Hi Brian, do you have any information on this software provider, or have any coments on this casino?
I think they are new to this industry or at least I never heared anything about them.
From Casinomeister News three weeks back:

Lucky Chance made an inauspicious (read spamming) start on an unremarkable site using a software with which we are not familiar - Gaming Mastery out of Luxembourg. Good range of financial options including egold, Neteller, PrePaidATM, Moneybookers and PaySafe but they have been experiencing teething problems with their payouts which irritated early clients. The gambling suite has 16 average quality download and Flash games, but their bonusing (maxed at $500) with matchplay signups and ongoing twenty percenters appears dangerously generous.
Ditto on what Jetset said. I am unsure where they are licensed from, but I coould find out. I haven't played their software yet.
Folks on WOL have been digging for more information on these guys as well - with an equal lack of results.
I read the thread on wol, but i hope folks on casinomeister hva a little bit more informations ;)

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