Gaming Commission ?



who are these guys?

I see them poping up on more and more casinos any info on them would be apreaciated?


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Probably the Internet Gaming Commission - not to be confused with the Interactive Gaming Council which carries the same acronym and is arguably a more formal and established organisation headed by Sue Schneider and Rick Smith.

The Internet Gaming Commission accepts membership applications from online casinos and offers to mediate in disputes with their members. I'm not sure just how effective their track record of recoveries and issue resolutions has been thus far.


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I have yet to hear of the Internet Gaming Commission stepping in to help a player in need. I agree that their logo appears on many sites, and in my opinion it doesn't hold much weight.

Last month when was busted-out for toting logos they didn't earn, (check out our Rogue Casino section for more) I informed the Internet Gaming Commission that their logo was displayed there. They (the IGC) emailed me, thanking me for notifying them of BML's errant use of their logo...but it's still there. Not a very potent organization if you ask me.

If you mean the Egamingcommision, they are a shill for Windows Casino and this group of rogues. Their logo doesn't mean diddly squat.