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I've been losing every single time I play Black Jack at the Gaming Club, and have decided to no longer patronize their casino. If I were you, and wanted to play Black Jack, I'd go play somewhere else -- someplace where the dealer doesn't deal himself BJ's and 21's whenever he wants to win. It's blatant.
Dear Readers,

I was concerned about the posting made by "anonymous" addressing the experience he/she had with Gaming Club's blackjack. I contacted the Gaming Club and promptly received the following response:

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for your interest in the casinos odds and fairness. We always
take suggestions of this nature very seriously and as such, we'd like
to let you know just how we approach winning percentages at our

We use a Random Number Generator in the running of all of our games.
This ensures that no 'programming' advantage can be created on our
side to favor the house, and also stops players from gaining an
unfair advantage by counting cards or 'cracking the system', which is
impossible if no such 'system' even exists.

<,From a moral standpoint, cheating isn't something we have ever or would
ever consider. Any income is made from a player's genuine luck of the
draw and we don't envisage any acceptable incentive that would make us
act to the contrary. Also, if we were to unfairly increase the odds in
our favor it wouldn't be long before many players realized,
complained and left. Being penny wise and pound foolish is not only
unprofessional, but a very pointless business move, as every casino
throughout the world already has a slight edge on the player.

Of course you can't judge the player's winning percentage from
a few hands of blackjack or a couple of spins of the roulette wheel.
Winning works on averages and you need to try a fair number of hands
or spins before you can truly judge whether our payouts are
unsatisfactory or not. Unlucky streaks are just as common as lucky
ones and the scale has to tip both ways at some stage.

The casino is licensed in Curacao, where the government regulates all gaming
activities to ensure that the company operates within the regulations. We
are also well aware that the biggest concern raised by online casino
players is that of whether the games they are playing are rigged or biased
in any way. To counter this, we have taken the following steps:

* Our Gaming systems ( have been designed by experts in
their fields, and have
been thoroughly tested by independent third parties for randomness and

* All of our expected payback percentages meet or (in most cases) exceed
standard Nevada payouts. (After all, >,casino name<, have lower operating
costs than our counterparts in Nevada, and we make sure that these savings
are passed onto you in the form of better odds!)

* All of our games have automatic save features, which protect you
from being financially disadvantaged because of events such as lines going
dead or their ISP losing the connection.

* All of our transactions are encrypted using state-of-the-web encryption
technology. This ensures your gaming cannot be tampered with in any way.

* Complete audit trails are kept of ALL your transactions (date and time
stamped) so disputes can be quickly analyzed
and resolved.

We hope that the following suitably answers your valid concerns. Should you
have any further concerns, please contact me personally at

<,From all the staff, good luck with your gaming activities

Yours truly

The Pitboss

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