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Jan 20, 2005
I signed for Gaming Club up.
In the next day, my account was locked.
When searching with the e-mail, the reply returned.

"We have contacted our Operations Department regarding your casino account status and they have informed us your casino account was registered in Japan and your computer is traced to France."

I live in Japan.
I sent the copy of the passport.
However, they don't solve a lock.
It passes already for equal to or more than 10 days.
Anyhow, tell the way of having solve an account lock.
Once I was visiting friends in France and signed up at a casino from there. I had my account locked because the computer I signed up from was not in my registered country. I explained the situation and send copies of my passpost etc and all was okay but the casinos can definitely see where you sign up from.
The explanation of me who am sorry was insufficient.

I signed up from Japan.
I don't have the experience to have done France.
I don't find how the partner traced out.
spearmaster said:
The best advice I have for you if you are playing in Japan, is to go sign up with Gaming Club Japan ( - I suspect your current problem is probably a screw-up on their part - but in your case there is a better option.
I agree with Spear. You should have no problem there.
Thank you for having advice.
However, "The Gaming Club Japan" is registered already.
(The Japanese can possess both accounts.)
There, the problem like this time didn't happen.

By the support, the reply like the following reaches.

"Rest assured that we have forwarded them through to our Processing Risk Department for further review."

However, my account is as locked.
The player database is likely to be the same for all localized outfits of the gaming club. In general, the accuracy of those tracing tools is only mediocre sometimes. I always thought casinos would take more data into consideration when it comes to detecting player fraud/multiple accounts.

You can try to look up your own IP here:

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
Hi Metalica -

Since they are still looking into it, the best advice I can offer is to be patient - sometimes things don't always go the way they are supposed to. But it should be fairly obvious that you are not in France... LOL...
Sign up somewhere else, and forget them.

My experiences over the last few days (the first less than excellent experiences with every casino I've ever played at I should add) have taught me that there's no excuse for putting up with all this nonsense.

If you know you are a genuinely honest player, with nothing to hide and just looking for a fair game - don't take any shit, and certainly don't go out of your way to solve their problems.

Play somewhere else where you feel welcome and where they treat you like a customer.

I'm not sure if 32RED accept players from Japan, but It's by far the place I play at most. Rest assured, it's the only MicroGaming casino I'll ever be playing at from here on in.
I appreciate everybody's advice.

However, it is that I am doing a deposit already that is important.
It thinks that I don't never repay just as it is.
However, I am angry to contact's there not being.

I am playing in "32 RED".
I think that the support of this place is very good.
** Do they use voice over IP? Either way, 1 + 1 = 2, unless in relationships, then it =3 and of course in some casino's it = WE DONT KNOW. I don't know what the deal is lately with Gambing Club... New year, new issues I guess... I do hope they sort it out soon, I'd hade to see a good outfit go rotten **
I have experennced that too!

Just thought I would mention a problem that I have been having lately too, mainly when I have tried to sign up at playtech and rtg-casinos.

First of all: I live in Norway, and have never been playing elsewhere than infront of my old homecomputer here in Oslo. But on several occations new casino accounts have been locked (or I have been denied to deposit with creditcards) just after I ve signed up. Sometimes I even havent got an explanation (like on portofino casino), but usually I have been told that i am logging in from Austria (! - I have never even been there) and for security reason I cant do this and that. When I tell them that I have never been playing outside Norway, they usually say: Sorry, our records show something else (and our records are the truth). But at one casino, i think, I got this answer:

During a routine check on your account it was brought to our attention
that you were logging in from Austria. As you are registered as being
from Norway, this alerted us and as such you were contacted.

The reason you were contacted is because we want to make sure that your
account details are safe and that no other person is playing
fraudulently on your account.

The IP addresses showing on your account are showing from Austria and as
you have explained that you never play anywhere apart from your home
computer in Norway, I have carried out an investigation in to this.

I have found that the internet provider you are using is actually based
in Austria and therefore this will be the reason for the IP

I apologise if our email has annoyed you, however please believe that we
only wanted to ensure that your account details would remain safe and
that you are aware of the IP discrepancies.

Of course, this didnt make me any smarter. Are there anyone else that have experienced this? My internet provider is UPC, a reputable company...
From the experience I've seen, if you're using satellite internet that may be the reason why your login IP doesn't match your registration IP. The simplest solution is for the casino to call you at the phone number you are at (i.e. the one belonging to the country you listed when you registered). As long as they reach you at the Japanese (or Norwegian) country code, there shouldn't be a reason for them to worry.
Hi All,

Just to let you know, the problem with Metalica's account has been resolved. He was been blocked on an IP discrepancy that we have addressed, unfortunately I cannot go into more detail than that.

Best regards,

Belle Rock

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