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Aug 25, 2010
I was third in a tournament on Wednesday at Gaming Club the prize 8000 loyalty points (equivalent to £40). The torunament finished at 11pm (UK time). Next morning I checked my account no loyalty points contacted live help they said it takes up to 24 hours.

By 11pm Thursday still no loyalty points so I contacted them again they said there was a computer problem and they couldn't add any points today and that she would contact promo department Friday to deal with it.

Friday 5pm (UK time) still nothing so I contacted live help she said it was a public holiday (wherever they are) and that there was no one in office today I said so this means I now have to wait until Monday she said yes.

I expressed my disgust at this I win on Wednesday and they have no one who can pay me. I know from the Riverbelle thread there is no rep on here so not much can be done but I think this is no way to treat customers and I said I may have to go to another casino.

She said it was the first time it had happened and everyone was having to wait surely these things should be computer generated in 2010 they don't need human intervention.
Hi Steve, not sure why you are under the impression that there is no Bellerock rep here, but there is. His name is Cobus and he was just here a couple of days ago. Here's a link to his profile...make sure you click Private Message, and not Public:
I saw someone in the Bellerock thread looking for a rep i misread though it said there wasn't one
Hi guys,

I'm not officially the rep for Belle Rock Entertainment, however I am the affiliate manager for Referback (the affiliate program for the casinos).
If you have any queries you are more than welcome to send me a PM and I will look into it for you or get the casino to resolve it for us.

steveh35 - I have replied to your PM

Hi steveh35,

I can confirm that your loyalty points have been paid. I do understand that the real issue is the time it took to be paid, which I have addressed with the casino.
On behalf of the casino, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

Please keep an eye on your inbox as they will be sending you an email shortly.

Thank you for your help yes there were obviously a number of factors involved which caused the delay.

Again thanks.

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