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HI! I was wondering if it was worth using a "gaming card" at the casinos. Is it really the best way to fund and play at casinos? Has anyone had an problems with the gaming card? I was thinking about using it.


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A Gaming Card, is a special electronic card that Casinos give you thru invitation. You can fund it with credit cards, etc. Kind of life a PrePaid Atm? Over 50 casinos let you use a gaming card.
Officially its called a "paySpark Gaming card. Suppose to make it easier to fund and play at casinos without the hassle.


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This is something offered via Microgaming casinos:

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Your PaySpark account offers easy funding options, pays interest on balances over US $500, and assures rejection-free payments at any online merchant that accepts MasterCard. PaySpark also offers rejection-free purchase transactions at supported online casinos using the Gaming Card.

Here are more of the advantages you'll enjoy with PaySpark:
- Versatility: Get two virtual credit cards, one for use at participating gaming sites & one for use at any Internet site accepting MasterCard.
- Easy Funding: Fund with your existing credit cards, wire transfers or Western Union.
- Fast Payouts: No waiting for checks, all cash-ins are directly deposited into your account for easy ATM withdrawal.
- Interest: Earn 2% interest on balances over US $500.
- Safety: Protect your privacy with our secure & anonymous transactions.
- Free Online Bank Statements
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It's a pretty good deal especially with the interest incentive. I haven't heard of any complaints concerning the Gaming Card. It's by invitation only, but if you've been a nice player, just ask, they might give you one. :D

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Hi Gramsey,

As far as I know, there is no fee.


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Hi Bryan,
I was offered and approved for the gaming card. Once I send them a copy of my drivers license and a recent utility bill, my cards will be ready to go. Since I refuse to give Neteller my SSN, I cannot use them. So I am going to use the gaming card. In your opinion, which I value very highly, would you give Neteller your SSN?
Or just simply go with the gaming card, which does not ask for such information? Thanks Bryan.


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I have all of the cards that Payspark offers, that is the Gaming Card, Virtual Web Surfer Master Card & the Infinia Card.

I'm by no means a high roller, however I have found their; Payspark's CSR, to be highly professional, freindly. Above all my funds have been available within 48 hours, of which I have been able to withdraw via ATM.

As Bryan stated, for balances over $500 you receive interest 2%( more than my banks savings acccount 1.7% ). You can fund via wire transfer, Western Union, Credit Card or if your an affiliate for a casino, you can have your earnings placed into it.

All in all I have found this to kick Netellers BUTT. I don't live in the USA, but there is not way I would be giving anyone my SSN#.

The added bonus of the Gaming Card, is that I've found that casino's tend to treat you better ;)

Hope this helps