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From Webby:

Posted on Tuesday, November 05, 2002 - 01:52 pm:

Anyone have any info regarding GameTime Casino? They have not paid out on my player account cash in through PayPal, nor made good on two months worth of affiliate payments! I never had a problem with communication, or getting paid as player and as an affiliate - now, it seems I'm having both... Numerous requests to Cary Maxwell, Pit Boss, The Casino Hostess, Player Support, and Affiliate Relations have ALL gone unanswered... All in all, they owe me over $1500 - which isn't a huge amount of money - but I'd like to see it sitting in my PayPal account rather than where it is now!

Please, if anyone has any info regarding GameTime Casino, please post it, or send me some email...

Paul Stevens, Webmaster
Gametime Casino is a casino powered by GSS. GSS has an infamous reputation for unorthodox business practices. Too bad you didn't do some research on these guys before getting involved with them.

I'll make an attempt to intervene, but I can't promise anything.

This (admittedly large) problem I'm having with them is the first bad thing to happen during my 14 month association with them - as an affiliate and player. The games seem to be fair. I won on a consistent basis, and yes, I've lost too, but that's why the call it gambling right? Before this situation occured they always paid out on time and answered their email. I've emailed back and forth with Cary Maxwell, The Pit Boss, more times than I can remember...

So what the hell happened to GameTime??? Can an online casino that appeared to be successful, fold overnight and disappear from the Internet without any warning whatsoever, or even a hint of a problem?

You tell me, 'cause in all honesty, I just don't know.

Thanks Bryan, anything you can do would be most appreciated.
Game Time was one of the better licensee casino groups using GSS, which as Bryan rightly says has a less than stellar reputation going way back.

The management at GSS, Ehren Richardson, Lena Takahashi and Mark Waters....and now I think about it Ehren's wife at the time, too ...all came in for very heavy exposure and criticism.

Their control and access to various aspects of their licensee casinos caused a lot of grief, as did a singularly arrogant attitude. That brought the wrath of the OPA down on them and a rebellion of some licensees and GSS seemed to decline from being one of the biggest providers to the low profile image you see today.

I personally would stay the hell away from them until I was absolutely sure that they had changed and moved completely away from their old behaviour.
Update to the GameTime Casino situation posted previously...

Well, Bryan seems to have quite a bit of pull in the online gambling community. I had been waiting for two months to get paid, and sent countless messages to multiple addresses, the result was always the same... no response.

Bryan sends one email - which was basically a copy of my original complaint posted here - and look what happens - I receive a PayPal payment today for the entire sum they owed me!

Coincidence Bryan...?

HA! Thanks a bunch man! You're one cool dude!
I am similarly being ignored by Gametime casino even though they owe me $2550. The fact that they paid Paul in the past couple weeks is enough to give me some hope. I made purchases totalling $1014 on September 21-22, and was lucky enough to win $1536 playing Caribbean Stud Poker. A few days later, I put in my first request for a withdrawal. Not only did I not get paid, but I didn't get any email explaining what the problem was. I have made numerous requests since then, and sent many emails, but have received no response. Actually, I did get one response which said "I'll look into this matter and get right back to you", but I haven't heard a word since then. It is extremely frustrating, especially since they do not list any contact phone numbers on their site.

I have gambled online at several different sites during the past year, and have not had any problems like this before. I am somewhat annoyed at myself for trusting these guys with my money. However, like Paul, I had played there several times in the past year, and had no problems contacting them or being paid. They fooled me by being trustworthy on small deposits, but once I made a big deposit and had a big win, they seem to have disappeared. What is truly disturbing is that their website is still up and running, and they appear to be open for business and willing to take bets from other unsuspecting players.

If someone from Gametime is reading this forum and wants to help with the situation, please send me an email.

- TS
Gametime casino contacted me over the weekend apologizing for the delay. Seems like heads were rolling over there or something to that extent. Anyway, they brought in another manager to look into these issues. I hope they'll have some payments/answers very soon.

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