Gambling under a fake name

The majority of bookmakres don’t there is not one bookmaker that has stopped payments going through and I could list you 20 off the top of my head. You obviously work for or are part of some sort of casino.
Please drop the aggressive attitude. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they have something to gain if they debate your statements. This forum is nearing 25 years, and one thing that sets it above the rest is its membership and the knowledge that they reflect. So chill out.

Also, since you have (supposedly) read the rules of this forum - you'll garner that we are adamant that player fraud is one of the biggest problems that afflicts this industry. It is player fraud that screws over the day-to-day player - and which has f*&^ed the enjoyment factor of online gambling.

So fingers are and will be pointed at you. You are gaming the system, and you feel you are entitled to do so. Pretty pathetic when you can't even admit taking responsibility of your own actions. Not once have you asked for any assistance for your gambling issues. You're just here to either brag, stir the shit, or get more ideas.

As owner of the forum, I am obliged to remind you that we don't condone player fraud in the least bit:

Forum Rules

1.10 - Members who commit player fraud: Those who participate in fraud inspired chargebacks, or create fake accounts, gnoming, multiple accounts, etc. will be banned from Casinomeister.

1.12 - Postings that incite fraudulent player activity: These posts are not welcome and will probably be deleted. Members who encourage fraud will probably be kicked to the curb as well.

As @Mark_Lottomart mentioned, please do all of us a favour and quit your nasty habit. You can choose to either be banned from here, or if you'd like to maintain your membership - I can move you into the non-Gambling user group. That would allow you to participate here, but in the non-gambling forums. You have until the end of the day to decide.
So nothing more here. Relooking at your posts @gs22, I'll do you a solid and add you to the non-gambling user group. You can read and participate in the non gambling sections of this forum and maintain your membership here.

If you have any questions, please PM me. Thank you.



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