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Jan 8, 2003
Hi Everyone,

I am a 3rd year Psychology Student at the University of Leeds.

I am investigating gambling and am looking for particpants who take part in any form of gambling e.g. slot
machines, bingo, casinos, bettting shops etc etc

I would be very grateful for volunteers to complete a questionnaire. It will take aprox. 15 minutes and all responses are anonymous.

If you gamble mainly in a traditional manner (e.g. not via the Internet)please click the link below:

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If you gamble mainly using Internet technology and websites please click the link below:
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What if you do both? Should you take both surveys??
Jesus! That's one hell of a survey!

Would you take drugs which may have strange or dangerous effects? :phaser:

As a child were you ever cheeky to your parents? :twisted:

Would you agree that almost everything enjoyable is illegal or immoral? :xxx

Good stuff!!
I am very surprised with the content of the questions. A study was done in the 80's USA which told the following:

Most poker players did not graduate high school, are blue collar workers, high divorce rate, high addictive type personality, not having an anal personality, high intelligence but not applying it in real life.

Of interest to you as researcher the novel " The Gambler " by Dostoevsky will prove invaluable to you as it spells it all out.

As to drugs etc:, most good players do not use these things but you will find this usage in low level play.

I do not play any other game but Texas Hold 'Em in real life which perhaps limits my view(s). As to the net (real) play the ambience is not there plain and simple.

I would like to hear from other long term real life players on the forum as my being 57 years old and having played poker almost 35 years at both low and high level play may not be in keeping with modern trends.

Normal play for me is $3-$6 with a two blinds check raise. Buy in is $200.00 for a four hour play. Should I double my stack then I leave.

Highest level of play for myself has been $20.00 -$40.00 with a buy-in of $750.00. Should I double my stack I do not leave but make a set goal normally $2,500.00 in front of me thus allowing what I feel is a good play.

On the whole over the years using the Skalansky Method has given about a 20 percent profit annually. Playing twice a week on average.

Three rules I was taught and adhere to in real life play are: Do not Drink - Never play when you are tired - and Never ever use house monies.

Sargasso :yes:

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