In analyzing some java scripts for one of my courses, I came across a site on which I could see some of the script NOT meant for the web surfer.
It was ranking the casinos and the empty boxes said "$200. will get you this spot!"
and another one "$ buy this spot for $300." and so on. So much for fair casino ranking.
The portal was Gamblehouse but I'm sure they are all the same.
Hi chagall,

Good going. There are a lot of portals that are only fronts for casinos. A bunch of bs and something to be very wary about. I feel it's quite deceptive and everyone should be made aware of this.

This is true in some ways. I remember how apalled I was to see endorsing golden palace even though they were on every Balcklist from here to timbuktu.

I challenge you to go to this redone site though and check it out.
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They pride themselves in being fair and unbiased. Most sites that are there are NOT paying advertisers. There are reviews and features that really try to get the user acquainted with the casino.

This site though carefully selects which casinos they house on thie site and I beleive to be one of the fairest sites out there.
Frankly, I'm not sure that Mapau is doing this - but if so, it sure makes the rest of us portals look pretty damn stupid.

I think we're missing something here.

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