Gambling : Player sees ill omens in jackpot win


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Jun 29, 2006
I just read the following news.

Send a check to China? It's a joke. The check will be probably lost. Even if finally the check arrives there, this player has to explain to his bank where and how he got this much money out of China (It's the rule in China). The bank can refuse clearing this check or confiscate it.

It seems a lot of operators have no idea of China.

Player sees ill omens in jackpot win

A Chinese player created something of a stir at the Jackpot City online casino group this week when he expressed reservations about cashing in a GBP 4 444 jackpot win, according to a press release from the company.

The player hit the WowPot jackpot, but was concerned that all those figure 4's in the reward might be inauspicious and a harbinger of death.

A spokesman for the group with the unlikely name of Terry Maverick is quoted in the material as saying: "The player contacted our customer services department, quite concerned about the winning amount. He was obviously keen not to lose out on the money, but at the same time wary of bringing bad luck on himself or his family.

"It is a first for us, where a player refuses to accept the cheque for their winnings. According to Chinese culture the number 4 is pronounced like the word for death and is considered as a very unlucky number.

"We're still talking to the player and working out the best approach to handle this, which is sensitive to the player's beliefs and concerns, but ensures that he does not lose out on his winnings."

Perhaps a conversion to another currency might ameliorate the player's you think?


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Aug 25, 2010
:confused: Just put a small bet on something then there won't be all those fours it's not difficult a silly story being used by the casino to promote a high win.

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Apr 20, 2009
I'll pass my neteller accountnumber. I'm not afraid of 4's. :D

Seems indeed like a cheap promotiontrick.
Winning 4.5K is not really 'bad luck', lol.


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Feb 10, 2009
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Hiya: This is NOT a Joke, and it is NOT Funny. This same thing applies to Korea also. There are no 4th Floors in big buildings, and things like that. Their #4 is like our #13, only worse.......

I worked as a telecommunications NCO in Korea for almost 8 years. I did off base telephone installations in Youngsan, Seoul for 2 yeras. Every couple of years, all the Army vehicles get new nummbers. ie, b-17 will become b-56, and the like.

After having his Truck re Numbered to, B-4, Mr. Park, who had worked on the base for 22 years, and had a wife and 6 childern, refused to drive his truck unless the number was changed. He was told, "By Me", I am sure it can be done, but not until later, or tomorrow at the earliest. He said, Thankyou, I will see you tomorrow, and went home. His Korean supervisor told him he could get fired if he did not work, and he still went home.

hehehehe, I made a fake number, ontop of the new real number. When he came in the next morning, "minus 1 days pay", i brought him over to show him, B-444. ah hahahahaha. Then I showed him his new real number of B-9.:p