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Jan 24, 2005
I was wondering about whether whether it's legal for Irish people (republic/northern Ireland) to gamble in online casinos/sports book. I remember reading somewhere that its not legal for them to gamble in casino...?

I'm also considering setting up an online casino and sports book in repubic of Ireland (wexford). Do you know if it is legal to host an online casino/sports book in Ireland, how much the licence(s) and tax(es) are etc.?

Or do you know anyone who I could get in contact with...any consultants?


Alan Doyle
For what it's worth, I know that Tradesports lists its main office as Dublin Ireland.
The sportsbooks and their servers may be based onshore, but once you click on the casino bit you are taken to an offshore server.

The only onshore internet casino I know of is Lasseters/Ausvegas.

The rest are based in third world countries, offshore taxhavens and special zones like those canadian indian places.
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GrandMaster said: and are online sportsbooks/casinos based in Eire.

So is the new Chartwell powered online casino Lottery Extra, a subsidiary of the Dublin based Lottery Extra Limited.

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