Gambling companies checking houses prices???.


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Apr 27, 2019
I own a few properties in London. When I was at university I was living in a flat in london. I signed up to a few gambling sites. I would always deposit the same and I would never be offered any free bets or promotions. If I want on to live chat to request a free bet I was never offered anything.

I moved back to my house it's in London where the postcode show how expensive the area is and the houses are worth millions. I changed my address with these casino. I started getting promotional mail from these casino through my door and so many emails offering free bets. When I went back on live chat each time they would give me free bets and free credit.

But before when I asked they never provided me with any free bets. When I put my new address I have received unlimited free credit and unlimited free bet.

I think I should report this to ukgc. They want to take everything. Create an addictions.
Wouldn't be that surprising if you think about it, casinos want to make as much money as they can, and they want players with plenty of disposable income. I doubt it would be the only factor used, just one more piece of information.

I don't think there's really anything wrong with targeting more generous promotions to customers with a higher expected value, though it does seem a bit like a misuse of your personal information - you have no choice but to provide that information for identity verification, so it would be a bit of a dirty trick to turn around and use it for targeted marketing. I don't know if there are any limits on how they're allowed to use your personal information over there that would prevent it or not, though - probably not.
It makes sense though, they know he/she lives in an affluent area so they assume they have cash and they want a piece of it, if they lived in Nelson Mandela house (sorry dont know any real ones, all social cleansed or burnt down by now) or some scummy estate in London they would possibly not be so encouraging.
Oooo I see where this is going he has got his goat up with 32 red..
Come on OP what have they done on you?
That link to the Anti gambling Guardian is a year old
Never gave me any free bets or credit when I was in my flat. As soon as I moved into my house endless free bets and credits on slots is that enthical
Creating an addiction. What happens when the free bets and credits stops. They want me to gamble everything by slowly creating this addiction.
That's fine. When I was at my flat I requested free bets or credit and I never received any. But when I changed my address I can go on live chat and request a free bet and receive them. What' has changed.
Creating an addiction. What happens when the free bets and credits stops. They want me to gamble everything by slowly creating this addiction.

They arent creating an addiction. You are responsible for your own actions. If you dont like it, take your business elsewhere.

If you don't raise any red flags, and have not told them you are a problem gambler, they are doing nothing wrong.
Perhaps you have lost more by now and are "eligible" for more promotions. The more deposits I lose the more deposit bonuses or free spins I'm offered but when I cash out a few times in a row it's radio silence for weeks.

But like someone else pointed out it wouldn't surprise me they'd target clients that live in areas with more income, they're a business after all. Highrollers keep the casino's going.

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