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Sep 7, 2005
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I visited a local B&M casino last weekend, here's what I (and many others) witnessed that night...

2 friends (let's call them No.1 and No.2), who had been playing roullette up to that time, were sitting next to the roulette table. There was noone else with them at that table - just the croupier.

So, No.1 says "I'm absolutely POSITIVE that if the croupier spins the roulette, next colour to win will be BLACK.". "How can you be so positive", says No.2, "it's all a matter of luck anyway". No.1 :"No, Im positive. I've been calculating odds and watching numbers for the last 2 hours. Hey croupier, can you spin the roulette and prove us right?", No.1 asks the croupier, who - in the meantime - was listening to No.1 and 2's chit-chat. The croupier however denied to do so, as he insisted that he could not just spin the roulette without any bets.

So, No.2 says to No.1 "go ahead and place a bet on black, since you're so certain about it, double-up your money and prove me wrong! ! !"

No.1 agreed, but - looking at his chip stack, he only found 100 euro chips (about $115). Thinking that a $100 bet for his wild (?) guessing is too much, he places a 100-euro chip on black and another on red, while trying to persuade, at the same time ,his friend No.2 that according to his calculations Black is sure to show up after this spin.

I wish I could have kept a straight face when I heard the croupier's voice "Zero" ....

I have a close friend who is a Blackjack dealer and he had dealt up the house a 20. Player one had 21, player two had 20, player three was a drunk who kept saying "hit me". He had about 5 cards totalling 20 and $100 on the table. "Hit me" he says... out comes an ace.

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