Gambling Affiliates - How did you make in your best month?


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Aug 16, 2006
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Just curious since everyone is now looking at at 50% to 90% reduction in earings and a loss of most your players (I'd guess).

How much did you earn in your best month (in USD)?

What is an average month?

The purpose of this thread is to get a little sample so we can examine how much affiliates lost as a result of this legislation and prehaps later track any recovery.


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Mar 4, 2004
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Rollo, to be honest I do not expect a very large difference. There might be a slight decrease if any, unless you are with Party or 888... Then I suspect a major fall is understandable, if you do not switch your links in time to casinos that do cover the US. As far as the players are concerned I honestly do not think that there will be major changes. Infact expect allot of publicity for the industry in the next few days, weeks and months in the US.


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Jun 30, 1998
This post needs a poll.

People don't post their income publicly.

So true. The problem with a poll is that there are several questions being asked :D

I would tend to say, no matter your income level, the amount to make in the next several months may relate to the makeup of your traffic, and what type of casinos you are promoting. It's a very complex issue.

Like Chatmaster said, if you were/are an affiliate of Partygaming etc., and you focused primarily on the US, you will probably take a pretty big hit. But if you focused on "other than" US traffic, you won't see much change at all.

If MG casinos continue to keep their doors open, even after the pending legislation is signed, many aff won't see much change.

It's a very complex issue that I don't think a poll can address. :D

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