Gambler's Edge Casinos Taking Hiatus



Got the following in my e-mail box today:
GoldRush Online Casino is taking a brief moment to revamp and upgrade our casino services!
Due to the magnitude of changes we'll accomplish, we are temporarily suspending access to our casino.
If you have a token balance in your account, we will automatically process the funds back
to your credit card and send any winnings via bank draft. Accounts funded by Neteller will have their balance returned by the following day. To simplify this process for all our players, the transactions will be automated and you
won't be required to enter the software to log your cashin.
As Goldrush Online Casino will no longer be accessible, you can uninstall the
Casino software by running the Uninstall program located within the
'Programs' menu of Windows under 'Goldrush Online Casino'.
Upon the completion of our upgrade, we will contact you. We look forward to delivering
our new gaming package, which will include more features and great bonus offers.
If you have any questions regarding our temporary closure, or our automated cashin
procedure, you may contact the cashier directly at
Until we see you again, may you stay well and be lucky!

The same goes for the other Gamblers Edge casinos (Winning Worlds and King Tuts) as well. Coincidentally I received all the $$$ they have owed me in the mail today. These are from cashouts made in early Feb. I liked playing here, best CR in the business, but IF they do re-open, hopefully something will be done with some of the slowest payouts in the biz. Anyone got
any info on what the 'real deal' is with Gamblers Edge????


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Jan 29, 2002
I certainly hope they come back. They were upfront with me about the slowness of payouts which is shocking and like steve says their response to customer emails is the best ive seen. i suspect they really are upgrading. These are good people!!


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Oct 9, 2003
it is now May 17th and I am also awaiting a check for my balance from Gamblers Edge....I am sure, however, that it will arrive soon. At the time the casinos were taken off line for revamping, I elected to get my winnings by check instead of Net Teller, and I knew it would be a while before a check arrived. But I am confident of the integrity of Gamblers Edge, since they have demonstrated their honesty many times before. I will let you know.......


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Oct 9, 2003
UPDATE on Gamblers Edge Group:
It is May 24th and my check arrived today. Unfortunately, news also came that Gamblers Edge has closed their three casinos, and is offering the whole business for sale. What a sad day for all of us who appreciate what Betty and her associates did to help us get a fair shake as players. The customer service from the Gamblers Edge Group was second to none, and that type of customer care is what built a very loyal group of customers. Hopefully, Betty and her gang will re-surface somewhere else...and players will come in droves once she announces her new place of employment. Lets all hope so!

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