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Am I entitled to ask for my deposits back

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So I admitted to myself that i have an addiction and took the step to install gamban on my device. I installed exactly as instructed and the app came up saying I was protected by gamban and the VPN is now always active.

Over the weekend having had a couple of drinks I decided to attempt to join Redbet, the gamban software flashed up saying i was protected but I was able to access the site and join. I deposited a whopping £4000 over the weekend and at one point I had £3500 pending withdrawal where I would have been £2000 up. I frantically sent all documents required to verify my account and contacted customer services several times to speed up the process. The verification was stalled and withdrawals reversed and lost.

As soon as the money was lost I received an email from Redbet stating that I was accessing their site via a VPN which is the active gamban VPN which was not allowed.

If I have gamban installed and the VPN active and redbet can see I am accessing via this VPN (which also contravenes their terms and conditions) surely i shouldnt have been able to access the site and deposit and not only once but deposit numerous times.

Reading the terms and conditions accessing via a VPN would void winning withdrawals which suggests my pending withdrawals would also have been void.


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It is sole destroying to finally admit and search for help, to apply a blocking software and trust that it will do what it is designed to do and protect you, for the casino to be able to see and state in their terms and conditions that access via that VPN is not allowed and yet still be able to deposit and lose every penny. What chance do we have.

Surely these deposits have been wrongfully accepted and there are sufficient grounds to have them returned?


Mr Green-Redbet_Customer supportRep

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Hi Mattsti,

First of all sorry for the late response on this post.

When it comes to the term you are referring to these are setup for us to be able to avoid having fraudulent gambling on our sites.
If a user signs up from an IP outside of the country they entered it does not necessarily mean that they are doing something wrong.

Most of the times it's honest mistakes because they were at the office, travelling, using stream services etc.
In these scenarios we do not void any winnings and deposits and restore the account, but we do request an explanation to why the IP is not matching.
We can however not completely return the money to a user just because they have used a VPN intentionally and then lost the funds.

Other times the VPN is used by players to use our sites even though they are not allowed to, in cases where the Internet provider is blocking them, which is a different scenario.
Unless we were previously informed by any entity that you had a problem with gambling we cannot know until it's made aware.

In this case I would advise you to contact Gamban and get more information due to why you were able to access a gambling site while using their software.
There are also other software's that we are recommending on the site such as
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
, which cannot be overruled simply by a VPN.

It's very unfortunate the situation you are in and we understand how gambling can be hard to control.
That's why we setup the Responsible Gaming pages on the site and also make sure we do what we can, as soon as problem gambling is identified.

Please send me a private message with your account details so that I can help you ensuring that you will not to play and spend money on our sites again.