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Apr 7, 2021
sorry it’s a long read. so i had a self exclusion in 2019 which ended in 2019 i couldn’t log in to coral and others in the group, so i called the reactivation hotline two weeks ago and they opened up all the accounts again. anyway i was on phone for a good half hour answering questions. so 24 hour later i was on coral and playing on ladbrokes too. i went into gala spins and deposited yesterday only £10 to get welcome bonus. this wasn’t applied, so of to live chat they tell me there’s a restriction on my account to which i reply there isn’t as i’ve just played and lost my £10. then they cut the chat off and i’m met with access denied message. logged out. tried to login in and i’m blocked. so goes to twitter and i’m told apologies and account will be open again soon. wakes up to a email from “risk operations” saying sorry for the inconvenience my account is open again. so i logged in goes to chat to ask about welcome bonus and she says my accounts under review as it’s linked to a self excluded account in 2018 :axeman2::axeman2::axeman2: not this again i said, she then went away come back said sorry my mistake your account is fine now as we see you recently reopened your accounts within the brand. and then she credited me the £20 welcome bonus plus 30 spins manually . so i start playing and winning hit lucky to be honest and was just getting bonus after bonus in slots then a lucky 500x on crazy time cash hunt 25x top slot, then a top slot crazy time for 100x so had a tidy balance, wagering needed was £400 i wagered that and then had a balance of £305 (not a lot but not bad) requests withdrawl send passport and bank card in case they ask and i get confirmation straight away saying it’s being reviewed and estimated period is 4 hours as it’s visa direct. great :) NOT all of a sudden i get another access denied message im
then kicked out and told account closed on login!! go to twitter and told now they’ve closed it again for the second time within 24 hours!!!! she says it’s again linked to a self excluded account and i need to call the reactivation number (which are closed) cos it s a bank holiday!! absolutely vile tactics. stay well away from them. don’t know there arse from there elbows. to suddenly suspend and close at the point of withdrawl!! after it being opened again only 4 hours previously. is just vile. she said money is hold until i call the reactivation number! they can shove the money. trust pilot seems to be a common theme with them. to credit me and risk operation to email and apologise but then close it again soon as i win and withdraw shady people. stay away. so now my moneys in limbo till i speak to the people i’ve already spoken to two weeks ago :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: bear in mind i play and withdraw on coral no problems and i’m verified on there too!! so my self exclusion is most definitely done as i said i rang up and got them reopened. just stay away from gala spins people they are shysters

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