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Jun 30, 1998
From last week's newsletter, but I am posting it here as well:

Most of you are aware of how I feel about turnkey solution providers, software providers that license and provide support for casino operators to get on line and do business. Most of you know how I feel about what level of responsibility that they inherit - mainly by being the entity that puts these operators in business.

I have always felt that the buck stops at the software provider when there is a problem. A lot of people disagree with me. They feel that it's the operator, and if there is a problem, take it to the operator's licensing jurisdiction. Well this is crap. You know as well as I do that there are many licensing jurisdictions that couldn't give a flying rats ass on what happens to a player. Licensors are concerned about getting paid, that's about it. So when a casino goes down, it's the software provider I that I press for player solutions.

In the past, there have been some software providers that have a hands off policy when it comes to dealing with their licensees. They consider themselves strictly a software provider and not a policeman. Or they have been short sighted by not creating any safeguards to bail out licensees when they have problems, or to give their players a safety net of sorts.

Well enter Futurebet. They have had some problems in the past, and most of these were managerial and combined at times with lack of proper funding. I have been watching these guys pretty closely for the past few years, and I'm pretty up to snuff on their "history" and the difficulties that they've had. Most of this has been well documented here.

I spoke with one of the owners this week, and I'll have to admit he explained a lot to me. He answered many of the questions that I had about their operations, and many other details that I won't bore you with. I am pretty much satisfied that this company is on the right track: players are to be protected from failed casinos, and operators are to conduct business in an ethical manner. It's good seeing a software provider taking what I do and say to heart - not just because it's hurting their pocketbook, but because they understand that to be in this industry for the long term, ensuring that players are taken care of is where it's at.

If there are any "left-over" players who were dicked over by Indio casino, please contact me immediately so I can put you in contact with the people that will do something about your situation.
Does it mean all future bet casinos are now safe?
I always like their "you are on fire" feature when I played their BJ. It's their shady reputation that make me stick in the "play for fun mode".
I don't think they can be as good as cryptologic or MG overnight. I hope they will eventually build up their reputation, in time.
In the mean time, maybe someone can point out some future bet casinos that are "okay" to play with?

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