FutureBet Scam


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Apr 18, 2003
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this says it all... all their casinos take months to pay out.. they are the worse out there.
I have been waiting for months to get paid out from highroller. i called Futurebet directly and they said they would look into it. never did. then they tell me to contact the webmaster. i give up
Those Start Casino postings give an alarming perspective on licensee hassles with Futurebet - does anyone know if there is any truth in the allegation that they seek to pay out even relatively small amounts ($500) in instalments???

And 7 Seas is still in there trying to get his/her money it appears.
Valles I see you have edited your message confirming the instalment payouts? We are simply trying to get independent confirmations that this is the case after receiving several reports.

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