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Apr 2, 2003
This is one of the partners for 7seascasino that has been waiting 4 years for payment from Brian and Jeff Hurley. Out of the 250k they owe us we settled on $50k CASH, Out of the $50k CASH we have only gotten $21k (I think or even less in 1 FULL YEAR) So if anyone has news about futurebet paying. Let me know.

They are now 2 months late on payment. This was the email we got from Jeff dated Aug 10!!!

Brian's global email account is no longer active. I will forward the $4,000 payment to you within the next 10 days.

Jeff Hurley

Well look at todays date and you will see they are still the same losers as before. So for all the customers planning to get paid from this company. I doubt you will get %5 of it by the end of this year. Out of 1 year now, we have only been pay 4 times. That is a pretty good image they are showing the other customers, You only pay %25 of the time.

If there are any newcomers to the CASINO/Sportsbook world, this company is very bad in paying back there clients, sub-lincensee, etc. You can read our story at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Like I told the WEBMASTER for startcasino (since that is where FB advertises) Everytime they don't pay there monthly deadline, I post here. That means if you see me alot, that is how many times Futurebet doesn't pay up. This is not SPAM since IM INFORMING PEOPLE about the truth about this company. You have seen some people replying back saying that futurebet doesn't pay them. I havn't seen anyone saying they are good, except for their own workers.
Hello, Futurebet_licks, it sounds as if this might be a good time for an update story on your trials and tribulations with Futurebet.

We carried the story some time back, and in recent times we have published warnings about Futurebet operations slow-paying following numerous player complaints.

Can you shed any light on the Interactive Gaming Systems company which suddenly appeared using Futurebet software almost a year ago? They claim they are totally independent and have an exclusive license for this, and they are now powering several online casinos and SBs. However they have never revealed commercial details of the deal with Futurebet and the cynical are speculating that they may be a convenient offshoot for FB to move on in another direction having siphoned off a few bucks? We would be interested in adding any solid information on these guys into the Futurebet story if it was appropriate.
Hi Jetset,
I can't really shed any light on that as the only email I get from FB, are those lame BS excuses, that they will wire the funds to us. It worked before where we would post in startcasino and they would pay us to shut us up for 1 month. But I guess they are low on funds and don't care that I bash them everytime. I know they have their office in Vancouver Canada. Named Goblin studios. Brian Hurley stays in the US while Jeff is in Canada. So the only new news I can shed is if anyone wants to visit there office in Vancouver and drop off a box to them (that sounds like a ticking clock) please reply back and I would be more than happy to give you the address. :lolup:
LOL - keep posting here if you develop any further information - I know a number of people are watching these guys carefully.

Is Lineham still with them?

Who owns Goblin Studios? Futurebet or IGS? I suppose you are saying that IGS owns Goblin Studios, right?
I think Futurebet does, because that is where Jeff and Duane works at. Im pretty sure they have other companies we don't know about. Im pretty sure they are the ones that post the odds and run everything from that place. Knowing how crappy the customer support is, they are probably the ones doing everything just to save that extra buck.
Goblin Studios Inc
311 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B1B8
(604) 408-9737
Thanks licks,

That sure is strange, because I know for sure that IGS has some involvement in Goblin Studios too. The other day one of the IGS sites were down somehow, and only some program code with links came up, and Goblin Studios was mentioned several times among the links.
Im sure they own both of them but just don't want a lot of people to know they are the same company. So they can target more victims this way. Like when they use to be Global Interact or Ichance or whateva other names they came up with. They kept on switching names and trying to lure more people in. I don't know how many people I might of saved by bashing that company. I guess they didn't get enough money in this time to pay us off. I told them from way before. Pay us the whole amount and you will never hear from us again, if not than I will keep posting till your debt to us is PAID. At this rate I think my typing skills will improve greatly. I might be able to type 80 wpm by the time they pay us.
At least you retain your sense of humour, future_licks!

The more I see, the more convinced I am that you are right in linking IGS and Futurebet far closer than they would have us believe. I was checking out a casino called Vegas 1 earlier this month and was intrigued to find that although the software was clearly the Interactive Gaming Software gambling package, the supplier was identified as "World Wide Net Solutions"

However, on registering and entering the casino we were immediately transferred to another Interactive Gaming-powered site at
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confirming our original identification of the software as that company.

Despite repeated emails to playcenter.com there was no answer or explanation for this.
Well they started to advertise their new banner at startcasino for IGS. I dont see FB anymore so I guess I have more posting to tell everyone there. Even though it doesnt last 1 full day but it aint hard to CUT AND PASTE!! haha I'm sure it takes him less time to delete a post that I C&P but I'm hoping someone sees it long enough to read it. Can you believe the nevre of that webmaster, trying to block my IP!!! MUAHAHAH he will never stop me from posting the truth!!!! Except when WE SEE some cash in your bank accounts. :xxx Than I will rest in peace......
OH MY!!! THIS JUST IN!!!! I got this email!! look at this CRAP!!! Notice the FUTUREBET!! They hire kids to do their work for them, or maybe slave labour wages. No wonder their sites SUCK! Looks like a blind baboon made it.

Are you looking for a team of experienced software and web developers to complete your next gaming project?

Rain City Software offers web development and design, software development and maintenance services for all levels of e-business. Although our company is young, our highly skilled staff brings together decades of programming and web development experience with advanced knowledge of the latest tools, practices and technologies. Our team consists of a group of software engineers (JAva, C++, etc) and web designers (flash, graphic design, 3D animation). We are also a licensed Microsoft Xbox developer and own an Xbox development kit.

We have recently completed a long-term contract with Futurebet Systems (
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) and are looking to take on new projects and challenges in the online gaming and entertainment business. If you are in need of an experienced development team with a proven track record, we would be pleased to quote on your next project.

I have attached an overview of our services. For a detailed RFP or for further information, please contact Chaz Green directly at:

Phone: 604-684-6393

Fax: 604-685-6395

Email: chaz@raincitysoft.com

<table border=1><tr><td>What they are looking for in FB
Rain City Services Overview.doc (72.7 k)</td></tr></table>​
I've got a question here, this Chaz Green, is that the Chaz "Slippery Dick" Green?

Sorry, just asking for I've read a little about it on the internet while searching for information about online casinos.

The story to me seem to be more of an adult comic book story.
We are a IGS Licensee. They have no relation with Futurebet. They bought some of the FB code and developed a lot on their own. Their whole goal was to not be associated with FB. They do their own processing and run everything independant. In fact, some FB licensees have switched to IGS because of all the problems they were having.
I agree with jackm. We just recently became an IGS Licensee after having spent a long time researching both IGS and FutureBet. Let's just say we're very happy we went with IGS.
Since IGS bought code from FB, the games do look similar. I do know that IGS is currently developing more of their own games. We were very interested in customer service when deciding which company to go with. In speaking to several Licensee's of both IGS and FB, there was a definate difference in quality of customer service between the two businesses. We felt it was extremely important to go with the company that had a good reputation with it's customers - so we went with IGS.
So why the secrecy over who owns IGS and where their casinos are licensed - I get no response to email queries and there is evidence to suggest they may be operating out of Argentina in addition to those suspicious connections with Goblin Studios in Vancouver?

Are you absolutely sure there is no link to Jeff and Brian Hurley?

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which is a front using this software for an crowd called Gamecities.com. They are offering cheap "build your own casino and make a fortune" online casinos with testimonials of 6 or 7 times your money back!

We asked the question "Is the software you are using Futurebet-IGS?" and they responded in the affirmative but without identifying themselves or distinguishing the two identities.

This sort of coyness regarding your identity and licensing makes people suspicious and reflects adversely on the casinos they power.

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We felt it was extremely important to go with the company that had a good reputation with it's customers
Well - you should have gone somewhere completely different. Both of them are slow payers - and everyone knows.
jetset - IGS is operating out of Argentina. I am not aware of any connection to Vancouver and I never heard of the Hurley's. I think FutureBet is in Vancouver - at least their President is. By the way gamecities was on the FutureBet reference list. Hope this helps.
sdcindy, thanks for that, but if you look earlier in this thread, there is a post from Valles which definitely establishes a link between IGS and Goblin.

I think there is a closer link between FB and IGS than everyone would have us believe.

And thanks for the confirmation that Gamecities is on the Futurebet list - they must be getting desperate to go after the "build your own cheapie" sector.

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