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Any forum members here interested in boxing at all, will know that Saturday night or the early hours of Sunday morning in the UK, Tyson Fury will be defending his WBC Heavyweight title against Deontay Wilder for the third time.

Fury having won the second match decisively back in February 2020, stopping Wilder in the 7th round.

Anyhow the below is NSFW but is hilarious IMO. Other than catching him unawares clean, Wilder has no chance in my view. Fury once again has won the mind games. The weigh in is later today for those interested.

Fury being 6ft 9 has even got a custom made stool to use between rounds for the fight.

Fury should win this, love how Wilder tried to keep it simple, then threatens to take his life.

I don't see the funny side of death threats and such in combat sports, reckon it would be hard to live with if something bad happened.

Hilarious how Fury's message was even simpler and just says he's going to smash his face in.

The only thing I see getting in the way of a Fury win would be a lucky punch from Wilder or the modern circus of corruption within the sport.
Yep, Wilder is in much denial, blaming the beating he took in the second fight on everything from the weight of his ring walk costume, Fury having loaded gloves, his trainer Mark Breland ( the highly regarded former world welterweight champion in the 1980's ) spiking his water, to the Nevada State Commission conspiring against him.

I think he is going to mentally explode come Sunday morning when he gets beat for the third time by Fury.
Highlights from the presser that took place on Wednesday. Wilder was again going to not say much as per the original presser a few months back, but upon being called out by Fury at the end, concerning all the ridiculous cheating allegations, it kind of kicked off.

Fury cast the rod and Wilder took the bait

I used to think that he was a bit of an idiot but I have came to respect the man a lot. It is so easy to write someone off that you do not know much about. This is long but I am so pleased that I watched it.

Superb interview, True Geordie Podcast channel on YouTube is different class. The recent one with Tony Bellew being a case in point.
Funnily enough, I watched this press conference merely yesterday. Strange setup, you had Fury doing some sort of stand-up routine, whilst Wilder was sat there pretending to text someone on his phone whenever Fury spoke!

From maintaining a vow of silence and not falling for Fury's mind-games, around three minutes later Wilder couldn't take anymore and engaged his wits, which was a bad move.

"Men lie, women lie, but the eyes don't lie" was my favourite quote of Wilder's, from recollection.

When quizzed as to why he'd felt the need to ramp-up his training regimen, change coaches and take this bout extremely seriously, after claiming Fury had cheated in winning their last bout, Wilder's deadly response was "Why did you change trainers too"?, which made absolutely no sense.

Fury did seem like a clown entertainer but was seemingly riled up enough to call Wilder all sorts of things, and began to shout him down as the bravado was slipping.

The stare-down was scrapped in the end, probably for the best. Though odd, to see the interviewer hug Wilder in a sympathetic manner, whilst seemingly blanking Fury in doing the same, unless it wasn't clearly shown :confused:

Regardless, I expect this bout to go much like the first, a domination by Fury but not a dismantling. It's easy to dismiss Wilder's only - and self-acknowledged- weapon is the knockout punch, but it knocked Fury down in the first fight, and as evidenced in the video above, to this day it still doesn't look like he'll get up, right up until he seems to just miraculously rise out of nowhere like a sped-up deckchair Lazarus! :eek:
Superb interview, True Geordie Podcast channel on YouTube is different class. The recent one with Tony Bellew being a case in point.
I have followed True Geordie since he started off posting his critiques on video to a Newcastle fan site we are both members of. He became a must watch for the players back then. Brutally honest :)
It's American style odds Colin.

Means he's 3/1 to win by KO.

Not a great price I think personally.
I think that if Wilder was going to beat him it would have been in their first fight when Tyson was coming back after that long lay off and not in his best condition. I think its just another big payday for both of them
Did anyone see the weigh in last night? OMG, Fury didn't just drop the F bomb but basically told Wilder he would See you next Tuesday!

Live on US TV - ESPN and Fox.

Wilder came in 7lbs heavier than he did for the last fight, weighing 17st dead and Fury complete with Undertaker Fedora hat, tracksuit bottoms, shoes and shirt at 277lbs, 4 lbs heavier than the second fight.

That weight is going to further slow Wilder down. I am going for an early explosive stoppage in Fury's favour.
Only a madman would bet on a Wilder points victory, surely.

I'd be inclined to go for a Fury points victory as my primary bet. Yet as much as I'd like Fury to win, Wilder didn't get to where he is by winning tickling contests.

Wilder will be seeking to clip Fury within 5 rounds, then punish him for an eventual KO, a quite feasible bet in itself.

Fury won't be knocking anyone out, but look to dictate the pace once Wilder tires mid-fight, and wear him down with those hulking jabs of his for the remainder. Should be an engrossing bout, that much is certain!
Only a madman would bet on a Wilder points victory, surely

That's too funny, I read your post and thought 'Wilder points has to be worth a punt'.

Am I mad?

I just think the promoters points system will come into play if it goes that far. I dont know if many heavyweights have had four matches and a fourth would be great for business.

I may be mad, definitely cynical :)

Agree on the knockout chance for Wilder, but it depends on how much energy he expels from wearing the flashy suit, if he managed to avoid being spiked and if Tyson leaves the knuckle dusters at home.

They should do odds on how many excuses Wilder can come up with if he loses again.

I hope the Gypsy King reigns supreme, I've never been a huge fan but when opponents start blaming everything else for poor performance they deserve an arse kicking.
Apparently ring walks and anthems start at 4:30am in the morning here in the UK. Below is an overview of the odds, but worth checking around:

Fury Outright 1/3
Wilder Outright 5/2
Fury Points 13/5
Wilder Points 22/1
Fury KO 10/11
Wilder KO 16/5
Draw 25/1

View attachment 159290
I am gutted that I can't stay up for this fight. When I do avoid the result next day I get stressed to fuck out typing in "Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder full fight" into Youtube in case I am met with " Fury slaps Wilder about like he is his bitch before knocking him out cold just after licking Deotay's nose" or some such!

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