Further Proof Choicepoker.com are scum


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I posted this at 2+2 as well, this truly shows how they do not care and all they want is to squeeze just a bit more money out before they disappear. I cant imagine with this type of behavior they have any intention of paying people. I cannot believe Dobrosoft licensed a company that could not float for 2 months. Where did all the money go? It's as if they never had a dime after paying for the software. I love how they confiscate my money and do not even acknowledge what they have done. If they gave 1% the effort into saving their poker room that they have lying and screwing players then maybe they would still be in business. It is rumoured that a player bought out several balances for a fraction from players and is now stuck with just about the entire sites bankroll of $5000+. Some players did get paid but noone has posted a pay in weeks to my knowledge.

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isnt that funny? Too bad you cant short pink sheet stocks.

After talking with another portal owner who said they were not accepting deposits anymore but seeing a few people still play there I decided to kiss $10 goodbye and test it out. Prepaidatm has closed their account after I contacted PPATM after getting an error. I used neteller and it worked.

I played in a very short low blind NL game. I still have a bunch of promo money there that should have been converted long ago but they refused. I noticed it wasnt working off with my half the rake that it should have(obviously its worthless anyway). I also could not chat. I got an error saying my chat was blocked when I would try to talk to the other players. I emailed support and was told since I had used the forums to bad mouth them then I lost chat privilages on their poker room. I sent him a nasty email and demanded my bonus money and money in my account immediately. He never responded but instead locked my account with money in it.

Now I cant even log in to request my withdraw of $20 I would never see anyway. I made up a new nick and went in and told the players in case they didnt know what a scam they had fallen a victim to, then my IP was banned.

What a scam I am sorry to all who are owed money that they fell victim to this, maybe somehow someway dobrosoft or another party will bail it out. I agree with all that dobrosoft is somewhat to blame too. How do they license someone that cant stay in business 2 months, my pay i received long before this story broke took 6 days and that was a month after they opened so it must have been underfinanced from the start.

They appear to owe quite a fortune, not just a few thousand.
Just got this fine email from Zach the owner........

Your account was banned because you choose to create other accounts and use
them to express your opinions at the tables. Nonetheless, when this
situation with the cashouts is resolved, you will see your money. Until
then, Im sure well remain crooks and sleazeballs in your opinion.

My account was locked before I created a second account so thats just BS. He just did not like being told off. I guess "when this situation with cashouts is resolved" means when I win a lottery jackpot 2 days in a row. Just thought I would share this.

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