FuntimeBingo....steer clear


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Oct 22, 2007
Southwest Virginia
A large number of people have received postcards in their snailmail promoting this site. If you have any sense of fair play, stay away from them and their not register.

I checked out their terms and for first time depositors, you have to wager 10x that deposit plus the bonus you receive before being able to ask for a cashout....and playthru after that is 4x (both of these are for bingo only). I didn't even bother to look at the playthru for their casino games.

I asked in LiveHelp if they had any sister sites and was told NO....however, some other people I know checked further and discovered they are also connected to BingoHouse and another site (can't recall that site name at the moment), so I have to assume that even if you should be lucky enough to win, meet playthru, and ask for a cashout, you will be hit with the almighty 'multiple account' crap, be denied, have your account closed, and forfeit everything.

A warning to all........


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Jan 10, 2010
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my thoughts

i know this is an old post but i thought id throw my 2 cents in anyways.In just the past couple months i have started looking into and playing a little online bingo.ive been playing in online casinos and poker rooms for years but wanted to try something different.Anyhow i might be off base here but what ive noticed is that the wagering requirements for a lot of the bingo rooms is ridiculous.I think the average online gambler doesnt understand the bonuses that are offered are not because the bingo site/casino cares about the player or whatnot it is purely to give the site a bigger advantage on them ending up with your money.Sure it does look appealing at first glance a 200%,300%,400%etc bonus but then throw in the fact that you have to wager that plus your deposit a certain amount of times and clearly the advantage is with the site.After many experiences and seeing how bonuses only complicate the withdrawal process not to mention the fact that it gives a site a reason or reasons to deny your withdrawal,i NEVER accept any bonuses from anywhere.Im not condeming bonuses im just saying what ive choosen to do in the increasinly greedy buisness.

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