Apr 4, 2022
Saint Cloud
Funrize casino is a scam. Today I deposited twice. 4.99 at 9am and 4.99 at like 916am. This equalled 1000 coins ($10 in real cash). I played about 350 of it and then has to work so closed out of my phone. Then I was on my break so tried logging back in. When I logged back in it said I had 0 coins. I tried depositing 4.99 to see if it would fix the glitch and it would not allow me to deposit at all. It kept saying I needed to verify myself. Then I decided to go into one of the games and it still said I has 0 coins. I went out of the game and chose to play with fake coins and then went back into the game and played.
I contacted customer service to ask them where my coins went. They told me that when I went into the slot room the first time I had spun and spent all of my coins. I explain to them I did not spin anything and that it had said 0 coins. I asked for my 400-500 coins back. They told me that I was trying to scam them.
This was after I paid over 200 in 1 day to play at their online casino! They tried accusing ME of scamming THEM even though I had paid over 200. I was not scamming or lying. I just wanted to play with the money I had bought. I then asked why I couldn't buy any more and they said they were shutting my account down abd looking into It. They decided to shut my account down AFTER I tried to verify myself. I sent them my id and a picture of part of my debit card.

I have uploaded the photos of my messages with the customer service. BRING THIS WEBSITE DOWN AND MAKE THEM PAY FOR ROBBING LOYAL GOOD PAYING CUSTOMERS!

Sorry that the texts are out of order.


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