Funny Thing About Bonuses


Banned User
Jul 18, 2006
:eek2:If these coupons are set by RTG who knows maybe thats the problem.Seems im winning alot more without using bonus now no playthrough can cash when i want to. I think using coupons should be a thing of the past.Everyone should just deposit using no coupons and if you do use a coupon grab your ankles and kiss your ass good-bye cause rarely do you get the playthrough. Maybe yrs ago you could, but not now things have deff changed to favor the casinos.Do what i do lay in bed get your smokes if you dont smoke food works great put it on autoplay 1000 spins and relax you never know what will haPPEN.bUT DONT TAKE A BONUS WASTE OF TIME 9 OUT OF 10 TIMES.