funny letter


aka LooHoo
So I just saw a news clip with Michael Ignatieff and every time I see him speaking I think of "Sam the Eagle" from the muppet show. So I just did a search online with those two names to see if I'm the only one.

(this is how I spend my days, pathetic, no?)

Anyhow I'm not the only one! But while reading a pretty funny Q&A at Maclean's magazine (by Scott Feschuk) I came across this letter and decided to share it with you:

Dear Scott: I was reading about a U.S. study from 2006 that concluded that most men are almost always thinking about sex. You’re a man (so far as I know) – is that true? – Anne, Kingston (not Anne Kingston)

Dear Not Anne Kingston –

No. Of course not. We often hear this tired notion that males are obsessed with sex and frankly I just find the whole stereotype to be completely vagina.