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Apr 20, 2006
Betsson poker experiences

1)Today i tried to transfer a meager 37 dollars (50 turkish lira) from my betsson turkishpoker account to my betsson main account. I completed the transfer and the money simply vanished . Now it is neither in my turkishpoker account nor in my betsson main account . I wrote many mails but recieved no answer . Then i contacted live support where smn told me that there is a technical error and soon it will be resolved . I guess it is not sson enough yet cause my money still does not exist anywhere

2)I recieved an email from them which informed me that turkishpoker was available at bettson I was entitled to a % 100 first deposit bonus if i transferred funds to my turkish poker account . I did so but i could not see any indication of bonus anywhere on my bonusers page so i wrote an email asking about my bonus and recieved a completely irrelevant answer. I wrote another mail and questioned the intellectual level of the person who had answered my mail and recieved another telling me that the former mail was sent to me by mistake and i had to write an email to "" to learn about my bonus. I did as required and wrote an e mail to "" and promptly recieved an answer which thanked me for my mail and advised me to write to "" to learn about my bonus!!!!. ( i am keeping the mail) I am beginning to suspect about their sanity..

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now betsson denies technical error

i spoke to betsson live online agent a little while ago now he tells me that there is nothing wrong with my account. and when i said that then my money is simply stolen he said if i dont change my attitude he will not be able to help me

a Turkish proverb says "yavuz hırsız evsahibini kovarmış"
which roughly means

a tough thief will drive away the landlord
betsson called me apologized for the technical error and assured me that my funds will be returned one the technical error is corrected.
my funds have been returned to my account. betsson has apologized to me for the error. i have apologized to them for the harsh words i have used now all is well

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