Fun Mode Vs Real Mode , Same Payout Percentage?


Aug 4, 2011
Hey there fellow professional gamers,

Would like to ask if the Fun Mode has the same payout percentage as the Real Mode? Coz I keep winning when playing in Fun Mode, but when I switch to Real mode, the
slots become cold again. Especially in RTG software. Any advice? :)


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Mar 13, 2008
One of the standards for accreditation is that real and fun mode play the same, so I'd say yes they are, if you are playing at any of the CM accredited ones.

We play differently in fun mode. We can deposit as many times as we like. We can remember the huge hits, and forget the nights we lost $100K. We can push on for more wins. We never have to make a WR.

Try playing fun mode at your usual deposits and bets. You will get a better sense of how things are.


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Feb 4, 2011
Ploiesti, Romania
I can help you with this. Yes, accredited casinos ALWAYS SHOULD have same payback percentage in both fun and real mode. Also stand right for the tournament mode. However, take note that always should, not really means that this will always happen !

But, yes you can check it relatively quick with a maximum of 20 minimum deposits and always doing minimum bets (20-25cents) and always do the same thing with fun money and with real money playing over the same games. Firstly play with fun money and take notice how long it last each 25$ chunk. Use 20 in a row of 25$ chunks and then calculate the amount of time spent to lose them. After that, switch to real money doing EXACTLY the same thing (money chunks, bets, and games). See if it will last about the same. If it will, should have the same payback percentage. (but be warned! it require a hell lot of patience and some $)