Fun games from Dover Downs


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Jan 17, 2006
Barcelona, Spain

I've just discovered these fun games developped by an online casino, Dover Downs.
Direct URL to the games without having to register:
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Source: CasinoCity
Okay, I bit. Not that fun really. May I direct you to a link on ebay where I offer the finest salted pork shoulder meat in a can? I have a 'buy it now' price on it, you can't lose.
Different strokes :)

I liked the immediate play, but ran through my 'fun change' pretty quickly.

Regardless, it smelled like spam to me.

Have fun:thumbsup:
Different strokes :)

Regardless, it smelled like spam to me.

What would my post be spam ? Just because I provide a link ? Man, you see spam everywhere.
No affilate link, no way to earn any money, I'm talking about a real casino, relying a news from CasinoCity:
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But if you still had doubts, you should have checked my other posts, my signature and you would have easily find out that this post nor other of my posts are spam.
I just like free casino games.
You'll find more here:
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And other interesting ressources in my Delicious bookmarks.
I have to admit: My first thought was "spam" - but then i read the post and even checked Alexandres profile, which had some very useful links!
For me the post is absolutely ok.
Jesus, I must smell SPAM like hell to give this impression to everyone !

LOL - we're a cynical bunch ;) I think it's probably either just because you don't post a lot Alex or the ?d=1 on the end of the URL- I knew it was okay because we'd discussed the bookmarks a while back :D
I could certainly have done a little research to know you don't spam the forum. My apologies, Alexandre.

People all have their own definitions for spam. Personally I don't care if a casino promotes to my inbox, others have real issues with that (unsubscribe notwithstanding)

Don't let my responses stop you from sharing things you enjoy:thumbsup:

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