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Oct 3, 2011
I have played all kind of bonusoffers, sometimes I have misread something in the terms and not qualified for bonuses and sometimes have I made stupid mistakes with w/r and lost my winnings. But today I had a really stupid discussion with spinwins livechatt :). Don´t really care about the bonus, the conversation with the most stupid demand I have ever encounterd, was worth more than the bonus :)

I would get the "you need to get to our page by the right affiliate" IF they did´nt have the offer on their website, if it was exclusive. But in this case they print it out, "15 free, no deposit required - download here". This is the weirdest one I have encountred yet! :)

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Nicusor S. (Listening)
Nicusor S.: Hi, my name is Nicusor S.. How may I help you?

Nicusor S.: Welcome to SpinWin Live Chat! We are glad to be of service. Please hold a moment whilst I try to locate your SpinWin account with your given email address.

Nicusor S.: Please confirm the answer to the security question selected when registering your account.
The security question you chose was:
pet's name

Nicusor S.: I have received no response from you for over 3 minutes. Would you like me to continue assisting in this issue or any other issues?

[email protected]: Ah, sorry. The answear is XXX
Nicusor S.: thank you for the answer Lena

Nicusor S.: please wait 1 more second

Nicusor S.: I am afraid that your account is not eligible for the 15 free

[email protected]: why not?

Nicusor S.: as you did not registered through the correct affiliate Lena

Nicusor S.: I am very sorry for this inconvenience

[email protected]: I dont get it, trough your webpage it says all is eligible, at least if your from the "right " country, is that not correct?

Nicusor S.: yes your country is eligible but the registration must be done through an correct affiliate also , I am really sorry

[email protected]: I clicked on a link, and got to YOUR webpage, where it says, download her for 15 free. How could not that be right?

Nicusor S.: would you like to be called in order to be assisted

Nicusor S.: ?

[email protected]: No thank you, I prefer print that can be copyed. So, clicking on your website isn´t enough, I have to get to your website by the right affiliate? Is that correct?

Nicusor S.: yes

Nicusor S.: I have received no response from you for over 3 minutes. Would you like me to continue assisting in this issue or any other issues?

[email protected]: Okay, but it doesn´t say so on your bonuspolicy. But this discussion feels like its not going anywhere. So thank you, for your assistans.


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Nov 26, 2009
I dont get it. They said you have to go through an affiliate. Did you? If its I see nothing about 15 free spins on their website, I only see a 100% welcome bonus. And if you did go through the affiliate you should have continued to seek help. It was actually a pretty quick chat session. I dont see whats so entertaining about the chat session.


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Mar 4, 2007
Yeah, I don't see any issues with the chat session, If anything the customer service operator was actually pretty good.

As you can tell the operator did do a back-end check on the account and noticed that you had no affiliate tag connected to the link you joined through.

The AFFILIATE would be happy the op did this as thats how they generate revenue.
A lot of places work like this noways lovely.




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Jul 12, 2011

WHY are we all looking for sites to give us free money for us to play, make a win and cashout?? At the end of the day, we don't go to land based casinos asking for free money to play, so why should online casinos do that? And if they do give free money, they're free to attach as many strings as they want, as it is THEIR money. There are millions of bonus hunters and bonus abusers out there, hence why they have no other option than applying requirements to any free money they give. I play online, and the first thing I do with every site is to ask them not to credit bonues, and when I deposit on a site for the first time, before start playing, i contact them asking for the welcome bonus to be removed, so I play with MY MONEY and without requirement. What from my point of view is ridiculous, is to beg for 10 or 15 free to play, and then use that money to try to cashout winnings for free, and complaint if they don't want to give it to us. I play with my money and only if I have money to play with, sorry but all this complaints about not getting free money from sites get on my nerves. I don't see why they have to give it's players any bonuses, what they need to offer is a save and secure playing environment. Then, once we have proven that we are good and valuable customers, they should give players extra benefits and perks, appreciation gifts, etc, but downloading a software with the hope to get free money and then complaining for not getting it it's simply unreal.


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May 30, 2011
1st of all, I am not affiliated or anything to spinwin even though I got a similar nickname :)

[email protected]: I clicked on a link, and got to YOUR webpage, where it says, download her for 15 free. How could not that be right?

Here is what went wrong most likely: You clicked on a link on another website, and were therefore directed to spinwin. So far, so good. You saw that "15 free" promotion. As normal users do not see this promotion, this means 2 things:
A) Firstly, you used an affiliate link of an affiliate who offered this promotion.
B) However, you were not tagged to the affiliate account correctly. That means that there was a problem placing the cookie on your computer or reading it during the registration process. This can either have happened because your browser does not allow cookies to be placed (check settings), or because you already had a cookie of spinwin on your computer of ANOTHER affiliate, who does not offer that promotion.

Whatever was the case, their support did a really bad job. Normally, they should be able to ask you from which website you were directed to spinwin and then manuall tag you to that affiliate. Obviously, the person you spoke to was not able to do that or did not want to do that (the latter is more likely due to the nature of the "free" promotion)

My suggestion is just to play somewhere else, you find similar promotions at other casinos as well. Sorry that I can only kind of explain what went wrong technically and support-wise. I know that this is not the kind of help you preferred. Greetings

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