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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Here is my take on Full Tilt, they are offering a 100% bonus. Before you go jumping for this offer read the terms, this bonus is one of the hardest to work off I have ever seen, especially if you play below 2/4. You will work off this at slower but decent rate if you are a 5/10 player or higher NL player. You have 90 days to clear the bonus. It worked off at about .0375 a hand about roughly an equal amount of 2/4 3/6 and 5/10.

The holdem games are very tight. Do not even try to clear this bonus at 1/2 or below, very few pots get to $20 where the required $1 rake is.

There are alot of pros that play here, I never saw them do anything other then sit out but I know they play all the time there, it may be your chance to play a pro while working off a bonus.

I played some 7 stud H/L, this game was very loose and the pots large enough to clear 1-2 points a hand, if you can tolerate this game it may be the way to clear this bonus and the game had alot of action.

I got to the point where I decided to give up and cash out, the bonus was going to be released in $100 increments and was going to take way too long and in my opinion these were not games I would normally play in anyway, there are plenty of better bonuses out there and the only rooms that have a harder bonus structure are the Dobrosoft rooms.

I liked the software and did not see anything suspect, I just did not enjoy the tight holdem games and the fact the bonus was going to take an excessive time to clear. The cashout took 6-8 hours.

yes same experience here , deposit ,play and cahout before get my entire bonus ,it's too long ..very long (i played at 1/2 limit it's terrible ....) :(

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