Full Tilt Poker, My favorite


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Jul 30, 2005
I shifted over to Full Tilt about 6 months ago and am really happy there.
I especially like the "last hand" feature; the ability to have the lobby and stats viewable during play; easy to follow betting/chats; tournaments starting with 1500 chips; being able to earn points with tournament play, and play with the Pros.

I played in the WSOP and they went all out with giving out hats, shirts, chocolates, posters, offered on-line services, had a courtesy room with refreshments...and more. I was real impressed.

I've played at Pacific, Paradise, Party, Bodog, Absolute, The gaming Club, Poker Champs, and others. I've been around the block. FT is my favorite.

I played there three days ago. It looks good, and I am hoping that I will get that football jeresy from their store. I just need to find out how there point system work. The down side I have about this poker site is that that cashout is around 48 hours.

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