Full Tilt Poker cheating sequel


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Feb 22, 2001

An unhappy sequel to a disquieting affair

The online poker operator Full Tilt Poker.com took swift and credible action some weeks ago when it examined and found wanting the big money tournament play of Chris Vaughan, the managing editor of Bluff Magazine, following a complaint by an opponent (see previous InfoPowa reports)

Vaughan and the formidable 21 year old Internet poker ace Sorel Mizzi subsequently bared their souls and apologised for their actions in an interview with Poker News, acknowledging the personal price they had had to pay in terms of disqualified winnings and damaged reputation, but the matter has not ended there - at least as far as the misguided Vaughan is concerned.

This week Bluff Media took action, terminating Vaughan and making the following announcement:

"Bluff Media, publisher of Bluff Magazine, has made the decision to terminate Chris Vaughn as Managing Editor.

"In light of Chris' involvement, recently admitted facts and the feedback obtained from industry professionals, it became apparent that the credibility required to perform the job functions of Managing Editor of Bluff Magazine at our company's level of standards have become severely diminished.

"While we regret having to make this decision, we believe that it is the best alternative for all parties involved, including Chris, Bluff Media and the poker playing community at large. We wish Chris the best of luck."

Bluff has not made any further statements on who will succees Vaughan as Managing Editor.

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